About Us...

The role of Meals on Wheels in the community is simple...

We aim to assist people in our community who find problems with shopping for food, or cooking with ease.

Our Meals on Wheels service caters for people with a wide variety of support needs, not just meals for seniors.

With some 86 active branches located across South Australia, a hot, delicious, nourishing, three course meal, could be close at hand!

The Meals on Wheels service is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Commonwealth HACC Program. However, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.

Here is some information on what we stand for and how we operate...

A Brochure about the Meals on Wheels SA Strategic Plan...

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Our Annual Report:

Meals on Wheels SA 2018 Annual Report can be found here...

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A little bit more about the State in which we live,                                               and the community we serve...

Creative, Innovative, Industrious...

Every day, across the state, South Australian businesses, communities, organisations and individuals are creative, innovative and industrious in their approach to everything they do.

The way we live, work and grow as a state encompasses these values.

At Meals on Wheels we have been living these values for over 60 years!

Our creative spirit started with Doris Taylor who thought of better and more creative ways to serve her community. This led to the innovative model of Meals on Wheels, that some 8000 industrious volunteers follow, in making sure we deliver more than just a meal to many in our community each day!

We are a proud South Australian organisation.

Find our more about our new state brand at this link.



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